Attitude Hotels Pledge

Staying at Attitude Hotels it’s helping suppressing more than 3 600 000 single-use plastic items including:

975 000 plastic bottles

replaced by aluminium flasks

85 000 bathroom single-use plastic amenities

replaced by dispensers

1 040 000 Individual sachets of sugar and coffee

With the self-service bulk shop

Objective #1 & Objective #3

  • #1

    Zero single-use plastic in all our hotels by 1st November 2020. | ACHIEVED

  • #3

    10 000 training hours on sustainable practices by 31st December 2020. | ACHIEVED

Our commitments

We care about the local community
We protect our environment
We support the local economy
We are:

Commitment from our guests

Staying in an Attitude Hotel is all about discovering and experiencing a beach holiday of the future. You can enjoy the sea, sun and beach without harming the seabed. Taste exceptional culinary dishes while supporting the local economy. We want guests to realise that a visit to the island can leave a positive impact. We ask our guests to sign symbolically a charter on arrival, which lists a series of responsible gestures we would like them to be part of.

Commitment from our partners

To achieve our sustainable development objectives, we work to reinforce collaborative actions and to bring together all of our representatives, here our suppliers, in a coordinated and concerted movement to make a positive impact for the future of Mauritius.

Our 1st Eco-committed hotel

Zero single-use plastic

We use our flask. We avoid all plastic bags,
bottles and containers.


We join the eco-workshops.
We learn to make our own DIY products.

Mineral sun cream

We use a 100% natural mineral sun cream.
We ask for our free trial.

Marine Discovery Centre

We visit the Marine Discovery Centre.
We learn about the lagoon eco-system.

We become eco-responsible.
We clean the lagoon.


We have fun looking for upcycled decorative items.
We look for them at Otentik Bazar.

Bulk shop

We prefer products bought in bulk with no packaging.
We take a few extra steps to fetch our tea, coffee and other small items needed.

Underwater trail

We discover the snorkelling trail.
We explore the surroundings.