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The third edition of Konpoz to Lamizik could unfortunately not be organized in 2020 due to the pandemic and the crisis. However, true to its commitment from the early days, reinforced this year with the launch of its Positive Impact movement, Attitude is always committed to supporting local artists, even in difficult times. It is in this context that an unprecedented artistic collaboration project was launched.

Koste is the result of a collaboration between several artists, all former participants of Konpoz to Lamizik: there is Cédrick Carré from the group Rasinn Karé (among the 5 winners of the 2018 edition); Maureen Grégoire, from the group Black Soul Fever; Christelle Zamir & Fabien Thomas from the group Born to be Music, Jerôme Rochecouste from EvaD (three groups among the 5 winners of the 2019 edition), and Florian Roussety, from the group Cadenza, who drew the attention of the public and the Jury by his performance during of the Konpoz to Lamizik 2019 final.

Koste is already available!
After being performed live during Dreamers – La Nuit du Musée at l’Aventure du Sucre last September, Koste, a local and contemporary song, is already available on legal listening and downloading platforms: Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify.
While waiting for the release of the clip, here are some images from the 3 days of writing and composing:

Mauritius offers a diverse mix of ethnicities, languages and traditions that few tourist destinations can match. We want to showcase this cultural richness and have created the annual event ‘Konpoz To Lamizik’. This competition is open to all forms of musical creation and the winner is awarded with the production of a video and compilation album. Every participant is offered professional training and our past winners include Emlyn, who released her song ‘Zoli Lepok’, and Mélanie Pérès, who released ‘Krike Krake’.

Company life

We have received the ‘Great Place to Work’ label for the benefits we offer to our Family Members. These include professional training, personal development coaching, constant improvement of working conditions and team participation in our sustainable development strategy. Our festive events also value individual talents and strengthen the culture of the company. Since 2018, Attitude also funds a scholarship for the child of one Family Member.

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