Attitude Hotels Pledge

Marine Discovery Centre

We protect our environment

The luxuriant nature in Mauritius is a precious heritage every Mauritian should take care of. As a hotelier, and an economic player that benefits from it, especially the lagoon, we believe we need to actively participate in its preservation.

Preservation of our coastal environment

Human activity has an impact on underwater life, so Attitude created the Marine Discovery Centre. We choose not to be a helpless spectator in the degradation of the environment.

Located at Lagoon Attitude hotel, the Marine Discovery Centre aims to unite, inform and act together. The scientists here train and educate all of the stakeholders in the area, from the fishermen and local population to the guests that stay with us. They help everyone to better understand and preserve this beautiful natural environment. We employ two full-time scientists who are dedicated to studying the region’s marine ecosystems and raising awareness of how we can help protect this environment.

Our actions over the past 10 years

  • We have created environmental awareness and educated over 20,000 visitors, including school children, local village residents, guests, local and foreign business partners and our staff, known as our Family Members.
  • We have created an underwater trail that crosses a protected area. This is a fun and educational aquatic activity that allows you to discover the beauty of the seabed without damaging it. The trail educates you about the fragility of this eco-system and the installation of beacons clearly show the areas accessible to swimmers, avoiding the vulnerable corals. A charter also regulates access to this area and involves the coastal communities that depend on the sea; and actions such as installation and maintenance of mooring buoys ensures boats no longer anchor in the area.

Reduce our negative impact
In addition to these actions, Attitude will remove all single-use plastics in the customer experience by 1 November 2020. Each year, around 3 600 000 objects of plastic will no longer spill into landfills thanks to various initiatives such as water bottling, bulk shop or use of flasks. This action reinforces our commitment taken since 2017 when we have been labelled Travelife gold.

We support local economy We care about the local community